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Worldwide Structural and Mechanical Consulting Engineering Services

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Casper, Phillips & Associates (CP&A) is a multi-discipline team of consulting engineers located in Tacoma, WA. CP&A is a small engineering consultancy with a global footprint. Due to our commitment of engineering excellence, personal attention to our clients & their satisfaction in our work, we are recognized worldwide in our areas of expertise.

CP&A was founded in 1987 by Bill Casper and Rich Phillips after relocating from California. We started with pre-established worldwide recognition as structural engineers specializing in container cranes. To provide our ongoing clients with full multi-discipline crane engineering services, our consulting engineers are licensed in the US, Canada, and China. The CP&A team is experienced in providing specialized services to port and industrial clients. We have the depth of resources needed to successfully serve our clients engineering needs.

Port Experience: CP&A has been involved in the port industry since our founding in 1987. We've brought together a dedicated team of structural, civil, and mechanical engineers, each possessing a wealth of experience in crafting cutting-edge engineering solutions. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by constructing projects within active marine terminals, our experts leverage their expertise in structural engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering to develop designs that not only meet the highest standards but also carefully account for the continuous operation of the terminal during construction. Our holistic approach ensures that every facet of your project aligns seamlessly with the intricate demands of marine infrastructure.


Crane Experience: CP&A is an international engineering firm that specializes in container cranes, ship loaders/unloaders, gantry cranes, floating cranes, and other material handling equipment. The firm has been providing all phases of crane engineering for over 35 years. CP&A holds multiple patents related to container cranes, including the most recent ship to shore (STS) crane base anti-seismic isolation system (BASIS).


Aerospace Experience: Our first project was the structural engineering and mechanical design of a rail‑mounted self‑propelled 100 foot cube building at Boeing's radar range to hide experimental stealth airplane concepts from view of satellites. Since then, Boeing has been a repeat client for dozens of projects for special structures such as an aluminum platform subjected to deafening white noise, several overhead crane projects, and earthquake upgrades at the Everett assembly building reported to be the World's largest building by volume.

To our Chinese clients, CP&A has several exclusive advantages over other engineering companies. CP&A has engineers fluent in Chinese and registered in both USA and China. These advantages will minimize engineering miscommunications, and will ensure that our Chinese clients get the best engineering services from CP&A.

Ship to Shore Container Cranes CP&A
STS Container Cranes CP&A


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