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Mechanical Engineering

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Rotating Hoist Deck for an OET Crane

Power Transmission Systems

CP&A has provided designs for power transmission systems for a variety of applications. Systems include but are not limited to hoisting, rotating, and linear travel. Whether it’s a new application, drop in replacement of a single component or a complete redesign CP&A can provide solutions.

Failure Analysis

CP&A provides services to investigate the cause of mechanical failure. After a thorough investigation, CP&A can offer fixes to prevent the failure from being repeated. Prevention is always preferable to repair or replacement. We believe it is our responsibility to suggest prevention measures.

Ship to Shore STS Container Crane Trolley Drive Failure
Custom OET Crane Interlock

Custom Mechanical Systems

In the machine design industry, very few applications are ever the same. Parameters like duty cycles, operating speeds, and environmental conditions can greatly influence design. Custom design is not a separate division, it makes up the majority of CP&A’s design work. CP&A have designed a variety of specialized equipment tailored to our client’s needs. We have experience designing under challenging environments that many shy away from such as Class I Div I hazardous zones.

Redesign and Retrofit

Oftentimes retrofitting older cranes or machines is a better solution than buying a new one. CP&A has retrofitted cranes with new load sensing devices to protect them against picking up too much weight. Other retrofit jobs include designing new end trucks for an overhead crane to extend its useful life. Another example is redesigning a trolley drive on a ship to shore crane that had repeated failures across multiple sister cranes.

Hardened Wheels for a STS crane Trolley
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