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Vibration Array for Piledriving.

Stiff-Leg Mooring Berth D44, Long Beach, CA

CP&A designed the stiff leg anchorage and bollard foundations to support prime contractor Seabulk.

CP&A teamed up with prime Seabulk to assist them in designing a mooring structure for Berth D44 at Long Beach. The mooring structure consists of three bollard locations and two stiffleg anchorages. The stiff leg anchorage is supported at the waterside by a float, and a earth-supported contrete foundation on the landside. The bollards at the stiff-leg anchorages were incorporated into the stiff-leg landside foundations. A mid-ship bollard location has a separate earth supported concrete foundation.

CP&A was the responsible engineering for the design of the stiff leg anchorage. The scope of work includes the foundations, buffers, fenders and the connection to the floats.

The project was completed and ready for use 8 months after award of contracts and in water work was completed in two days with the use of prefabricated components.

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