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Mega-Rail RMG Crane Procurement

CP&A prepared the RMG crane specifications, assisted in bid reviews, performed structural and mechanical design reviews, provided fabrication support services, including site audits to the manufacturers; and led inspections upon delivery to GPA. for an order of 8+2 RMG cranes for the Mason Mega-Rail project. 

The cranes, manufactured in Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, and to a lesser extent Croatia, span 175 ft. over nine rail tracks. They have a cantilever, giving the trolley a total travel distance of 213 ft. and the cranes a total length of 245 ft. This is a long span, which thusly had to be assembled on-site. The overall width—bumper-to-bumper—is 102 ft. The buy-America contractual agreements also made manufacturing difficult, since normally these cranes are made more internationally.

Media Coverage

Casper, Phillips & Associates Inc (CP&A) has completed procurement and design review services related to 10 rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes

The Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal was already the southeast’s busiest intermodal gateway, but GPA has implemented a series of infrastructure improvements.

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